Southern California Charity Golf Classic Feedback

Thank you all for your feedback on the Southern California Charity Golf Classic. Here are some of our favorite responses from the feedback we received from the first ever Southern California Charity Golf Classic.

“I will tell you this…I play in charity scrambles all over the US and I could not tell this was the first one. Great job in the organization and execution.”

“The whole day is a great memory.”

“When John (Not JohnnyGK) sunk our team’s sole par 3 birdie from about 35 feet away! I made the birdie putt on our sole par 4 hole!”

“It was well organized and most everyone was welcoming and helpful from arrival in the parking lot to the dinner and raffles.”

“I want you to know that I have organized a few of these in my time and I recognized talent when I see it. This event had a lot of moving parts and you were cool when I know things were not going well and you handled yourself with outward calm and professionalism. Well done and please put me on the list for next year.”

“Loved all the baskets and gifts. Loved the golf ball drop. Enjoyed making friends with golfers I didn’t know. Liked the Multi-Charity concept. They are all good charities. Everyone was so friendly and cared about our enjoyment. Liked women’s gifts and baskets. Lacey is a sweetheart. Can’t wait to come next year.”

Help us put on a great event next year. The more testimonials we have the better we’ll be able to promote the Southern California Charity Golf Classic next year. Answer these questions and include your name if you’d like us to attribute these to you.
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